DEZE WORKSHOP IS IN HET ENGELS – Carolina is gewend aan internationale gezelschappen en laat alles goed zien, ook zal er iemand van de organisatie in de zaal zijn die eventueel kan assisteren als je iets niet begrijpt.

*** Tijdens deze workshop is er gratis koffie en thee beschikbaar in de zaal ***

In this workshop the attendees will learn about what is Improv piecing and four improvisational piecing techniques (triangles, crosses, 1/4 circle and soft improv curves). I will help you to choose a beautiful color palette, that works perfect for this project and how to piece the quilt top in an organic way.

Materials Needed:
• Fabric marker (erasable)
• Rotary cutter (with a new blade)
• Quilting ruler
• Threads for sewing
• 8 fat quarters (solids or monochromatic printed fabrics) in two complementary colors. Per each color bring 4 different values (2 colors x 4 different values = 8 fat quarters)
• Notebook and pencil for taking notes

Cutting List:
Please bring to the class the pieces below already cut.
You are going to create your mini quilt using Complementary colors. Before cutting, decide which of your two hues is going to be your Dominant hue (HUE1) and which one will be your accent hue (HUE2)
From HUE1 using your different values cut:
12 squares that are 7” per side.
4 rectangles that are 7”x 9” per side.
From HUE2 using your different values cut:
4 squares that are 7” per side
1 rectangle that is 7”x 9” per side.