DEZE WORKSHOP IS IN HET ENGELS – Carolina is gewend aan internationale gezelschappen en laat alles goed zien, ook zal er iemand van de organisatie in de zaal zijn die eventueel kan assisteren als je iets niet begrijpt.

*** Voor deze workshop hoef je geen entreeticket voor donderdag te bestellen omdat de workshop de hele dag is – tijdens deze workshop is er gratis koffie en thee beschikbaar in de zaal. ***

In this workshop I’m going to teach my process to create a “Watercolor Quilt”. First we start learning about Color Theory , the chromatic circle and the 3 variables of color. I will guide you throughout the process of choosing fabrics, to create a beautiful transition with colors (like when we paint with watercolors!) I will teach you the process, step by step, to create a “watercolor quilt”. You can be sure that this complete course will provide you with new techniques and color theory knowledge that will allows you to feel confident designing, cutting and sewing in an improvisational way, but with some rules to create beautiful movement in your quilts.

Materials Needed;
• Masking tape
• Pencil
• Pins
• Rotary cutter
• Quarter inch foot (is aanwezig in de workshopruimte)
• Thread for sewing
• 8 fat quarters (solids) in 8 different colors that create a transition from one color to another (for example from purple to red)
• OR
• 8 fat quarters that are in the same color going from a lighter shade to a darker shade.
• Sewing machine (is aanwezig in de workshopruimte)
• Iron and ironing table (is aanwezig in de workshopruimte)
• Notebook and pencil for taking notes

As we are working with fabrics, it is impossible to find the perfect transition or perfect different values, don’t worry if you don’t find the perfect colors use what you have, you will see that your transition will work perfect